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Welcome to MidlifeGamers

We are a bunch of 30 somethings and younger members who enjoy meeting up on teamspeak and playing a wide range of games.. Head over to our Teamspeak 3 Server and introduce yourself and join in the fun! Or pop over to our Twitter page or Facebook pages!

And don't forget to head over to the forum and have your say!!

Hope to see you there

Midlifegamers Crew....
Battlefield 4 Second Assault
SuffolkBoy 1 Comments · 15th Feb
Premium 18th feb.. Non premium March the 4th....

15th Feb Frenzic
Yep can't wait for tuesday, im gonna be rinsing Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm BF4 stlye :D
SuffolkBoy 0 Comments · 11th Feb
Well a few of us are playing DayZ at the moment and I must say its a good game! £19.99 I know is pricey for an alpha build and there are  a few bugs here and there but overall its a right laugh so go grab a copy

Battlefield 4 beta footage by midlifegamers.
OverFienD 0 Comments · 9th Oct 2013

AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta Drivers
Frenzic 1 Comments · 1st Aug 2013
AMD has released new beta drivers, the 13.8's and introduce frame pacing (lowers micro stuttering for single gpu's and crossfire). I have them installed and everything i have tried so far is silky smooth. I recommend you install these if you have a 5, 6 or 7 series AMD Radeon graphics card.

Grab them here (64-Bit) : ... /radeon_win7-64.aspx

Discuss : ... =19&p=1120#p1120

2nd Aug 2013 SuffolkBoy
Sweet ill grab these then! Thought they were just for crossfire :-)
Download Center
SuffolkBoy 0 Comments · 31st Jul 2013
Hi folks I have just setup the download center which you can see in the main menu. If anyone has any handy little tools they use or anything really as long as its not porn, warez or copyrighted material feel free to upload it! Just bear in mind that we have 5gb in space so nothing Huge

Discuss : ... c.php?f=10&t=298

Guru3D Rig of the Month
SuffolkBoy 1 Comments · 31st Jul 2013
Take a look at this blokes system! He has just won rig of the month over at Guru3D and I can see why. His whole setup looks like some kind of command center as Nasa lol.

Source : ... nth_july_2013,1.html

Discuss : ... ic.php?f=3&t=297

1st Aug 2013 Frenzic
Thats a nice system there, a wee bit over done but kickass, and he says hes going to upgrade the graphics cards, how about 4 780's for good measure? :)
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