** MLG Rules - Please Read - Last updated 09/06/2014 ***

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** MLG Rules - Please Read - Last updated 09/06/2014 ***

Post #1 by TheMidLifeGamer » Tue Jun 03, 2014 9:26 am

Why have rules?

We want all our members to enjoy these forums in a relaxed and friendly environment but to achieve this we must ask everyone to respect and follow our rules at all times. The rules we have are nothing more than you’d expect from any other forum but it is your responsibility to make sure you read these rules and keep up to date with any changes and amendments. The date od the last amendment is kept in the thread title.

By registering with midlifegamers you agreed to the terms and conditions in place which includes the rules herein. If you do not agree to these rules, then please do not register or ask to have your registration revoked.

If you have any questions about the rules or the moderation, please do not post in the forums; instead contact a moderator or administrator directly who will be glad to help.

What happens if I break the rules?

In most cases your post will be edited or deleted with an advisory that you broke the rules. You may also be contacted by email or PM so you know but that is of the discretion of the moderator dealing with the issue.

For more serious rules breaks you may receive an official warning that you broke the rules. If you continue to break the rules after receiving previous warnings then your account may be suspended for a minimum period of 2 days. If you collect five bans over a period of 2 years, then your access will be removed and your account permanently blocked. If this is the case, please don not try and re-register, we will trace you IP address.

Please note that the moderator’s decision is final.

What happens if I see someone breaking the rules?

Please don’t engage, question or react on the forums as this often makes things worse. Instead; please report the post using the “Report this Post” icon in the post describing the problem and this will be added to the moderating control panel for action. It is not recommended you email an individual moderator because they may not be around to deal with the issue.

General Rules


If you must swear, please make sure all swear words are partially censored in some form or another. We have activated the auto-swear filter for certain words so please don't try and circumvent this by disguised swearing. Although we permit censored swearing we don't condone it in the open forum so please keep this to a minimum. The moderators will at their own discretion edit and/or remove anything that isn't suitable in the open forum.

Swearing at other members in an abusive manner censored or not, will be considered as a serious personal attack (see below).

Link to external sites containing swearing is permitted but please post a warning that the content contains offensive language."

If you would like a list of the filtered words, please contact a member of the administration team.

No abusive or personal attacks

Please respect fellow forum members at all times. Abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful or threatening behavior towards other members will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

No racism

Racist comments will not be tolerated.

No Advertisement spamming

Spamming to promote a business for commercial gain will not be tolerated. Spam accounts will be permanently blocked.

No Trolling

Whilst debate and discussion is encouraged, posting to deliberately cause trouble (known as trolling) will not be tolerated. Please note, that opposing opinion and banter does not constitute as trolling.

Illegal activities

The discussion of illegal activities such as drugs, piracy (music, film, television and software) is limited to newsworthy debates only. Posting for personal gain is prohibited.

Images and videos

No obscene content

Posting images/videos of an obscene or adult nature in the public area is strictly prohibited. Anyone posting such material will have their membership removed immediately.

Swearing in images and videos

Please check the content of your images comply with the swearing rules we have in place before posting. Swearing in video's must come with a warning that the content contains swearing that the video may contain offense language."

No hotlinking

Please do not post images or videos directly from websites which are not designated for media sharing. Hotlinking as its known is a problem because it uses bandwidth paid for by the site where it’s hosted and it’s generally frowned upon.
Please use well-known image sharing website such as ImageShack, Photobucket, you-tube, for example. You may also embed images/videos from your own web or blog sites.

Please note, the moderating team reserves the right to remove any image or video it deems being a hotlink.


Your personal images may contain any watermark of your choosing providing that they are legally yours to do so in the first place.
You may also post images from the internet that contain watermarks but be aware these may be subject to copyright laws.
Please note that the owners and moderators of Midlifegamers accept no responsibly for any image posted by any member that infringes on copyright laws. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that any posted image is legal and free of copyright issues.

Image sizes
The forum will automatically resize images exceeding 1280px in width. You can use the zoom in function to view full size (providing image has been directly linked between the IMG tags). The maximum image width is 1920px wide. There is no limit to the depth.

Signatures and Avatars

Signatures are automatically limited to the maximum number of characters to 300 characters and images to 600px by 100px. There's is no physical file size restriction but please keep these to a sensible size.

Avatars are automatically limited to the maximum image size of 100px by 100px and a maximum of 120kb

Please make sure your Signature and/or Avatar image conforms to other rules and is not offensive.

GIF and flash images are not accepted as these can be distracting to the reader.

The feedback system

The feedback system is to be used for the feedback of buying and selling in the Grand Bazaar Market Place only. Abuse of the feedback system will not be tolerated.

Please enjoy the forums.

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